pappardelle, antipasti e verdure fritte pastellate
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The Caffè Le Logge kitchen is a true philosophy of “knowing how to eat well” and offers guests the opportunity to embark on a wonderful journey to discover new flavors and rediscover the genuine ones, which are often lost, some typical aroma of the cuisines of the previous times. The conventional recipes of Tuscan and Chianti tradition are prepared along with exotic dishes, offering a unique and unforgettable experience for your taste buds.

The location of the Greve In Chianti restaurant has been of great assistance in making it one of the most appealing and fun-filled cafes in town because of the fascinating history of the place which does not let the charm flee away despite the current competition. Moreover, the reason why the Chianti restaurant is known to be popular over the past years is the unique serving of flavors and spices which produce one of the best and irresistible aromas in the country.


The 0 km ingredients make the restaurant a perfect choice for people who wish their food to be natural and organic to the maximum. This also makes it a unique yet charming experience for the guests whose priority is not just to fill the tummy but also consume the Tuscan cooking in a lively and secure environment while enjoying the theme-based events as well.

The typical dishes of Tuscan cuisine included in the menu are the result of an immense wealth of knowledge and preparation methods that have been handed down to generations. Each meal is prepared using strictly zero kilometer ingredients, supplied by small local producers.

This allows you to give each dish a genuine and authentic flavor according to the natural cycle of the seasons. Exotic dishes and international cuisine are a successful example of the application of gastronomic science that sees food as a cultural element and not as a mere means of subsistence.

Each of these is an expression of its own tradition, cultivated and handed down for centuries in distant places and lands. By offering these dishes, Caffè Le Logge intends to transform eating habits into a real act of knowledge, which goes far beyond the mere consumption of the meal, to become an integral opportunity to feel part of the world by appreciating its innumerable nuances.