Caffè Le logge

Coffee, pizza and cooking

The best coffee in Chianti, the most delicious pizza and the flavours of our local cuisine and new flavours from exotic cuisine, have all found a home in Caffè Le Logge. The unmatched yet luscious flavors are all set to get introduced in a comfortable environment which also suits best for a spending a quality family time.

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Caffé Le Logge

Only the highest quality ingredients, from the garden to the table

All ingredients used by Caffè Le Logge are of the highest quality such as Aldo's hand-dried egg pasta, Boiano's fiordilatte mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella, mullet bottarga and double rise pizza dough. Greens and vegetables are grown in the surrounding area and are freshly delivered every day by local farmers. The 0 km ingredients in town are one of the best parts about enjoying the food excellence which also helps in maintaining a secure food environment for the chefs as well as the guests.

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ortaggi del contadino usati per tutta la cucina della pizzeria caffè le logge

Scheduled events

Caffè Le Logge is not just about wine and good food but it is also about the fun time which is equally important to be spent together with the friends and family! Discover the events that Tina and Giuseppe often organize to fulfill the desire of witnessing a high-end yet affordable cheerfulness. The events are decently managed with the intention of not disappointing the guests by making it possible for them to enjoy every bit of it while learning some food-related uniqueness.